Friday, May 2, 2008

Better Pictures & Moppet Update

I've decided that purple matches everything (plus it's been chilly at my desk), and have been wearing the new shawl a lot. It came to lunch yesterday:

(Nothing like arranging knitwear on a public walkway to make you look peculiar!)

(I'm still thinking about the upper border, but it's getting less and less likely--I really like the shawl as is, and would rather start a new lace project!)

Moppet seems to be settling in OK. Her cage is in the living room, but that room is filled with tasty, chew-able things so she has to stay on the couch, and can't really hop around. But the hallway is pretty empty (if we pick up our shoes and hang up all the bikes), so that may be the official bunny run.

As I suspected, the floor is too slippery for effective hopping. The first time she tried to hop, her back feet scooted out behind her like flippers, and she slid backwards instead of hopping forwards. So we flattened a big box and put that down--traction has significantly improved her hopping abilities.

I've reached the gusset of the second Brooklyn Handspun Sock--I tried to take pictures yesterday, but something about the sun and the color overwhelmed the camera--maybe I'll try again today if it ever brights up from drizzly to overcast!


knitseashore said...

Your purple shawl is beautiful! You can never have enough of them this time of year, when it seems to be drizzly a lot.

Moppet is such a cute bunny -- congratulations!

jennsquared said...

Wow your shawl is so pretty! (Don't have firefox at work and blogger won't show pictures on IE!!!)

And muppet is cute too!

weeble wobble said...

omg Moppet is the cutest. bunny. ever.

And I love your shawl too- I am wrapping up some sweater projects and moving into shawl territory- yours are so inspiring1

Robin said...


I haven't been keeping up, and Moppet is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Moppet is absolutely adorable!
The shawl is sooo pretty!