Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Good morning! It's very early. I have a bug bite on my neck from yesterday, my big toe hurts, and I'm pretty sure this whole running thing was a bad idea. Also, my hair looks funny. How are you?

Really, I'm sure it will be fine once I start. The sporty people just make me nervous. I scurried through the expo as fast as possible yesterday, grabbed my number and timing chip and went back to the car to knit. I am the expo vendors' biggest nightmare. Although I did manage to spot people with free ice cream, and deploy Kevin to bring me some (he isn't intimidated by the sporty people). Do you think Ben and Jerry will also give me free ice cream after the race?

In other news, I stayed as far as possible from the bunnies at the MA Sheep and Wool Festival yesterday, but I did by fiber to make up for it: 2 skeins of sock yarn (in preparation pretending I'm going to try to knit a pair of socks a week starting in 6 days), 4 oz. of fiber, and a gigantic skein of lace-weight. Maybe someone could run in front of me carrying my new yarn like a carrot?


Annie said...

Good Morning, Happy Birthday, and Good Luck!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from Sunset Beach!Hurry up and finish that race so you can get back to your knitting!

Cindy G said...

Happy Birthday!

Baby Beth said...

Happy birthday! Good luck with the race! I'm sure you'll do just fine.

Kim U said...

Happy birthday!

Sunflowerfairy said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Rebecca.

I hope the run went well.

Thinking of you.

Promise me that you'll make something super fun with that Spunky yarn. I loved that thing. I just had a budget and had nothing to make with it. Did it have a colorway on it? Maybe next time I can get the same colorway.

Emily G said...

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear archiknist,
Happy birthday to you!

Hope the race went well.


Firemanshunny said...

Happy birthday!!

jennsquared said...

Nowhere near the computer on your bday, but Happy Belated none the less. Glad to hear the race went well and that you got some yarn as pre-race presents. If I was around, I think I might have offered to dangle the yarn in front of you... How about next time, we'll find you another racer and maybe they are willing to wear them on their back for ya? :)

jess said...

becca! happy belated birthday...i can't wait to hear about your marathon results! i hope it went well! sorry we didn't have a chance to meet up while you were up in this neck of the woods.

jennsquared said...

Tag - you are it! Check out my blog for details.