Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rabbit for Scale

In between agonizing about socks (which continues, in semi-unbloggable form, because the July Mystery Socks are fighting back), I made a bowl to felt, out of the wool my sister brought back for me from Peru.

Here is is pre-block, with Moppet for scale (not the best comparison, since Moppet is huge! She weighs 2.8 lbs, up from not quite 2 lbs when I bought her... about 18 days ago. Rabbits are supposed to eat carrot cake, not just carrots, right?).

And here's what the yarn looked like originally:

It's kind of a waste to felt yarn with so much personality, but although I like the color generally, it's not quite the right red (in person) to fit happily into my wardrobe. It's blocked already, but Moppet doesn't want to pose with it until it's dry.

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