Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bike Storage

We do have a lot of bikes in our condo (for the mathematically inclined, it's about 750 square feet, and there are currently 4 bikes... that's one bike per 187.5 square feet... except that we fit them all in the front hall).

The tandem is currently on the floor, leaning against the wall (out of the picture below the blue bike), while we try to decide whether to put it in the storage space (down a short flight of stairs from the ground floor--the stairs are why it didn't work for poor Vespy (RIP), but the bike is light enough to lift that little bit) or move my road bike to the storage space and hang the tandem instead. Or we may just sell my road bike. We're taking a weekend bike course the first weekend in June, and I need my own bike for that, but I don't think I'll do that much solo riding after that--even after just 2 short rides, it's pretty clear that we're both much happier with me on a tandem! And if I did want to do a solo ride, the bike store people said that we're probably close enough in size (Kevin's about 2 inches taller than me) that his bike could be adjusted to fit me.

The good news is that we have way more scarves per square foot than bikes--you can see some of them in the bottom of that picture. Figuring if you can't beat them, join them (or rather, if you can't eliminate them, decorate with them), Kevin installed a dozen hooks on the walls of the front hall for a portion of the scarf collection. It's like a tryout--new scarves visit the hall, and either enter the regular winter rotation or are eventually sent back to the minors (in the case of scarves, the minors are either the back of the hall closet or a scarf drive for charity).


Sunflowerfairy said...

I checked out your photostream on flickr and I swear your Moppet looks like a fake rabbit. She's so adorable. There's also one photo where she looks a bit p.o.'ed. But she still looks so fuzzy and huggable.

I don't think I've ever seen the inside of your apt. I love the idea of the hooks for scarves.

Anonymous said...

You guys are too creative. Now all you need is a basket on that new tandem for Moppet.

knitseashore said...

I'm surprised you are going to sell your bike. Though I have to say that I've already put my husband on notice that I only want to ride my bike for fun now. I'm tired of feeling guilty for not riding in the cold, wet weather because I'm supposed to be "training."