Thursday, May 22, 2008


Knitting was particularly tasty last night:

's b-day is this week too, so our knitties brought us cakes! This one is ice cream cake, and there was also a delicous cake-cake, which fell victim to ravenous knitters before it could be immortalized in pixels.

I've been using Flickr all day for actual work-work, and it's making me feel vaguely guilty--as though using Flickr is by definition goofing off, and should be kept to a minimum. I am obviously a wimp about this, because I also had to leave campus (just barely: I was next door to a university building and the university may very well be the store's landlord) to make a work-related purchase during the day and felt like I was cutting class. Clearly, I have never skipped an actual class, or I wouldn't be this confused. (Oh wait! Once in high school I stayed home because I couldn't wear my contacts and my glasses prescription was really out of date. I'm such a rebel!)

In unrelated (but visually somewhat cake-like) news, I started knitting the hemlock ring doily-turned-blanket over the weekend.

I was sort of dreading the feather and fan (I once knit an interminable F and F blanket, from which I have obviously not recovered), but it turns out that it's slightly addictive (consequently, the blanket is much bigger than it is in this picture).


jennsquared said...

are you using Laurel for that? In Lillian colorway? It's nice!

Those cakes were tasty!!!

Baby Beth said...

I really want to make HRB but I don't know what yarn to use. I want something cozy.