Monday, March 10, 2008


Right before I broke my hand, I lost the little slider from my spinning wheel (the piece that guides the yarn as it winds onto the bobbin, so it doesn't all wind on in the same place--most spinning wheels have a set of hooks, but Lendrums have this little sliding clamp thing). I noticed its absence at Heidi's house, and she gave me a binder clip to use instead (which worked quite well, in case you're every stranded on a desert island with your wheel and a bunch of office supplies), and I tried to find a new one to buy, honestly... but I didn't try all that hard, because it seemed like a good excuse to order a woolee winder. Which has finally arrived:

It's a good thing the binder clip worked in the meantime, because they're made more or less to order, so it takes a while. And it took a while longer in my case, because a couple of weeks ago, they accidentally sent me just a bobbin, no winder. I called, we sorted it out, and they let me keep the bobbin! (Normally, the bobbins cost $30-ish.) And now my winder is here!

(In case you haven't started spinning yet and don't recognize the miracle that is the woolee winder immediately, it moves automatically along the bobbin as you spin so the yarn winds evenly without any interference from you--which means you can keep spinning!)

And speaking of spinning.... I seem to have been visited by a spinning miracle. Without doing anything differently or suddenly spinning more, my singles are suddenly a lot more even. The first time it happened, I thought it must be the fiber (50% Coopworth, which I'd never used before). But it's continued with the next 2 batches too, even though they weren't new-to-me fibers. I should take pictures of what I've been spinning, huh?

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Elizabeth said...

It's fun to have that AHA! moment with spinning. Makes one feel like a Real Spinner.