Thursday, March 13, 2008

I am Not Amused

I want to start a million new things (beginning with Nob Hill, from the new Knitty, of which I am suddenly and unreasonably fond). Not very conducive to finishing the so-called striped sweater (which I need to finish because there's another project with a deadline lined up after it).

Also, it's eventually going to be spring, and the yarn which is speaking to me for Nob Hill is wool--I noticed the other day that my teal-y navy handspun from last fall coordinates very nicely with the darkest blue of the the yarn I bought in Peru, and maybe if I knit them together it would turn into the right gauge for Nob Hill. Maybe it would save me from the slow, painful process of preparing the Peru yarn for lace knitting... did I write about this? The yarn is actually three singles held together--not plied, but the fibers cling to each other a bit. And it's not all one piece (or rather, not all three pieces). It's in pieces 10 or 12 yards long, which are then knotted together.

I would have figured it out if I'd inspected it at all (it was sold without any kind of label in an open air market, but I think this must be how it's supposed to be, although I can't quite figure out why the 3 plies and short sections are a good idea). But I didn't, and so I've had to unwind a section, pull the plies apart, wind them up by hand, then wind them again into one ball by spit-splicing the pieces together. It's a lot of prep work! I worked through 1 of the smaller balls before Christmas--but there are 3 more small ones and 1 big one yet to go. I love the colors, but all that unwinding and rewinding makes me not want to use it!

But maybe I could use some of the darkest blue (of which I have the most) in Nob Hill, then unwinding, rewinding twice, and splicing what's left wouldn't seem so insurmountable!

If only I felt like I could start another project!

(For the records, I currently have 3 projects going: the socks and sweater from this morning's post, and the shawl that's trying to kill me. Plus the wreath that's officially on hold so it doesn't count.)


Annie said...

Thank you for the update to the records. I was slightly out of date.

For the record (of another sort), I can see Nob Hill in Martha, if your Schaefer stash extends to that. I actually thought of that yarn when I saw the pattern.

knitseashore said...

It's nice to know someone else is going through this. I have three projects too, and don't like any of them, and would much rather start something new and spring-y! Good luck!