Wednesday, March 26, 2008

E (finally!)

1. Middle name letter: E
2. Famous artist/band/musician: Suddenly, I have forgotten the name of every artist/band/musician I have ever known (which wasn't that many to start with!)
3. 4-letter word: ever
4. U.S state: Eleware? Eorgia? Entuckey? Ebraska? Evada? Ew Hampsire? Ew Jersey? Ew Mexico? Ew York? Ennsylvania? Ennessee? Exas? Ermont? Est Virginia? Hmm, maybe not.
5. Boy name: Edward
6. Girl name: Elizabeth
7. Animal: Emu
8. Something in the kitchen: electric kettle
9. Reason for being late: eating
10. Body Part: ear
11. Drink: eggnog
12. Something you shout: eek
13. Something you eat: eggroll
14. A movie you've seen: Earth Girls are Easy


jennsquared said...

How about Everecence? I like them! I think that's how you spell the name...

And I don't think I ever seen Earth Girls are Easy... Hm...

Annie said...

I'm voting for the E Street Band, Bruce Springsteen's backup band.

bookwoman said...

Earth Girls Are Easy is one of my favorite movies!