Monday, March 17, 2008


There's been a not-really-striped sweater crisis: I was cheerfully working 2-row stripes of three colors, when I realized that I don't actually have 2 skeins of each of 3 colors, I have 2 skeins of each of 2 colors and 1 skein of each of 2 more colors. (Not A, A, B, B, C, C, but A, A, B, B, C, D.) This is problematic because I'd been working alternating 2-row stripes: AABBCCAABBCC, etc. This works fine if you have an equal amount of 3 colors, but with only half as much of 2 colors it would need to be AABBCCAABBDD (or I guess AABBCDAABBCD, but 1-row stripes lead to a lot of ends).

I emailed Cheryl in a panic, and she's mailing me what we hope is a second skein of the third color... but in the meantime I've started working on the project in line after this sweater. This is a fourth project (even if we accept that the wreath is officially on hold, and so does not count), which I usually try to avoid, but I like to think it's justified because if the new skein doesn't work I'll have to unravel the 2 sleeves I've done so far and start again.

In that context it's more responsible (rather than a sign of being easily distracted) to start working on the thing with the second deadline to free up time later in the process which can be re-allocated to the striped sweater, rather than continuing to work on the socks and shawl (for myself, with no deadline) that I already had going... Right? (I can't really say more yet about Second Thing, unfortunately. Except that it is not a baby anything, so don't get your hopes up, Anna.)

Too bad none of these things are Nob Hill, huh?

And that none of them are skirts (with which I've also become obsessed).

It was a short(er) long run this weekend--12 miles instead of 17 (last week) or 20 (next week). I'm signed up to run the Vermont City Marathon on my birthday (May 25), because isn't that how everyone wants to spend her birthday? (Last year, I think we signed up for a metric century ride for my birthday, but it wasn't on the actual day). Oh look, the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Fair is that weekend. How convenient that Cummington is between New Haven and Burlington! And that in addition to birthday wool I may need reward-in-advance wool for the marathon. Or maybe a reward-in-advance sheep? Or an angora bunny?


jess said...

oooh, the burlington city marathon! good luck! it's a hilly one, from what i'm told! it'd be fun to meet up if possible, though it sounds like you've got a busy trip planned. if not, then some other time you are up VT!

jennsquared said...

Damn you are busy!

I totally agree with your logic on the work on the 4th thing instead of the 3rd while waiting the material to arrive for the 3rd. Totally logical!