Thursday, July 5, 2007

When Picots Attack

I've been thinking hard, and I think I've only made one thing before with a picot edge--a little top-down capelet that I don't wear very often (I should have known that since all I wear all winter are sweaters, and I'd never need both a capelet and a sweater, that I wouldn't use it very often... at least it was quick!)

But back to the picot edging: except for the caplet, I have led a deprived, picot-less existence until this week. This week, however, I have been attacked by a picot virus, and am picoting everything I can get my hands on (the Mystery Stole is safe for the moment, but maybe only because I'm just following the directions).

My symptoms: the current socks, started over the weekend when I finished my pal's socks, and currently partway up the second foot thanks to a lovely Sunday afternoon and evening spent with USAir, and the sweater I'm designing as I go (still awaiting Something Interesting around the neck and sleeves).

The socks are just toe-up stockinette. I think I mentioned before that I had every intention of working some kind of stitch pattern--first on the foot, and then when that didn't happen, at least on the cuff--but I was hypnotized by the stripes and I didn't want to mess them up. Aren't they great stripes? (Thanks Greeley! This is really fun yarn! Everyone else: it's Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, in the seaside colorway, #203).

And the sweater is the greyish-lavender cotton cashmere blend from Debbie Bliss, purchased at the Webs sale in May. I'd spoken very sternly to myself before SnB field trip to the sale about not buying yarn, but as it turns out I'm easily led astray. Also, I had a gift certificate.

I can tell my case of the picots is serious because I was willing to sew down the inside hem on both the socks and the sweater... and because I'm thinking about picoting the cuffs of the sweater and perhaps even around the front edge and neck. I'm leaning towards elbow-length or slightly longer sleeves, probably somewhat on the full side (I can't decide whether I should actually increase towards the elbow, or just not decrease). I'm always pushing my sleeves up to my elbows anyway, and since I don't think I want the cardigan to close in the front, I won't wear it when it's really arctic, so my lower arms shouldn't get chilly.

What I can't decide is if the neck and front edges would be interesting enough if I just worked a very deep double hem (with picots at the folded edge, of course)... maybe 3-4 inches deep? Or would that be too much bulk at the neck, if it wanted to fold over? But maybe it wouldn't want to fold over, just stand up a little on the back of my neck?

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Annie said...

Sew down the edge? Huh. I always thought the idea was to go past the picot row the number of rows you wanted to get the desired depth of hem and then on the next row (assuming you haven't changed stitch count from the cast on), pick up stitches from the cast on as you go--sort of auto-hemming.

It's entirely possible this was a dream, of course. Or a nightmare following some ugly session with provisional cast-ons. Gotta love those picots, though--they look great.