Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Hey, here's the picture I didn't upload yesterday. To review, it's Ariel from the Natural Dye Studio.

I started clue 4 of the mystery stole last night. I'm not sure why it feel like I'm behind on this--we have an extra week for this clue, and in any case it's not meant to be a race--but it does, and I'm relieve to have started. I'm also making good progress on the sample cardigan for Schaefer Yarns, which has so far escaped photography. It's at least a size too big for me, and without the collar the neck doesn't hold it's shape very well, so I don't think photography would do it justice. But I think the first one (which was the right size) turned out well, so I think this one will be fine too. I'm especially happy with the collar, because most of the shawl collars I've made before were kind of skimpy, as though they didn't have enough extra fabric to stay folded over. This one has short rows all across the back of the neck though, so there's plenty of extra.

And guess what? You know how one of the tires on my bike kept going flat on the long ride Kevin and I did a week ago? When he got home and unloaded the bikes (as I woke up just enough to ask if he needed help and go back to sleep), he discovered that the front tire was completely flat too. Who knows when that happened. We'd checked it initially, but during the ride had barely noticed it because the back tire was going flat so dramatically. But I've heard biking is easier if your tires are properly inflated!

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Annie said...

I like the 'to review' phrase. So we'll be ready for the inevitable pop quiz.