Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Picot Photos

The new camera has a feature that allows you to take multiple photos in quick succession. I think they mean it for sports and kids, but we've been using it to take action shots of knitting. Here are a couple from lunch--the grey cardigan with the picot edges.

With this done and the picot socks finished, I think I may have just about survived the the picot attack without permanent damage, although I did transmit the disease to another (blogless, I think) SnBer, who's made a picot hem on her current sweater. World domination through picots, one sweater at a time.

But back to the sweater. I'm really happy with it--a good combination of comfortable and interesting (to wear, at least). I'm still thinking about a closure of some kind--you should have seen my annoyed expression in the photos that caught me during a gust of wind! On the other hand, those photos do show how neatly the folded-over picot border hides ends, so maybe they're not all bad!


Meg said...

The cardigan looks great! I like that it doesn't have a closure...but can understand that would be a little annoying at times.

Annie said...

For a future iteration, I can imagine leaving two long buttonholes/slits, at waist level, one on each side. They could be overlapped and fitted with a kind of dramatic big button cufflink arrangement when you wanted to close it.

What you'd do with this cufflink in between times eludes me. But hey, that's for you designers to work out. It would give you a use for those beautiful huge buttons that I can never figure out how to use.

knitseashore said...

What a beautiful sweater!! I love the picot hems too. I hope that disease isn't too contagious. :)

Baby Beth said...

The cardigan is great! Maybe some large horn buttons would work? I've always loved anything with horn buttons on em.