Thursday, July 26, 2007


I signed up for Ravelry in the middle of a huge wave of sign ups, so I felt like it would take forever for the computer to get to my name. But it finally got to me, and I've set up an account and started adding things. (I'm archiknist.) Since I started blogging so recently, I don't have pictures of many of my finished projects (some of which I've long since given away or frogged and reknit), but I do have two thick three-ring binders of information about everything I've ever knitted. It's organized by yarn, with a snippet of yarn, the label, notes about how much yarn I used, what pattern, what needle size, when I started and finished it, and what happened to it... why yes, I did chose a profession where organizing information is very important. Why do you ask?

Anyway--I'll be adding things as I take pictures of them. And maybe it will encourage me to write up more patterns to try to sell, or at least to post here. (Which I will list in my lovely third column over there ------>).

I also entered my stash into Ravelry, which I hadn't planned to do because I already have it in an excel spread sheet on my computer (see: choose career involving organization of information, above). But I started just because I could, and then it seemed like I should finish. Yes, that's all there is, with the caveat that I haven't entered my handspun because it might or might not ever be knitted.

And speaking of stash, several of us had a yarn swap a couple of nights ago. I landed 12 skeins of Elann's Peruvian Baby Silk and Baby Cashmere from Emily. They seem destined to be holiday scarves. Pretend you didn't read that if you think I might be giving you a present in December, okay?


jennsquared said...

I haven't joined Ravelry yet... Go to my blog to see my dilemma and give me a little advice??

I loved your idea of organizing. All mine are in my drive, although with no info since I started blogging a year later and I haven't make much progress anyways. I do like the little yarn next to the project though... You can't do that on a blog.

Elspeth said...

I'm totally the opposite - I started in libraries because I like to organize things, but I don't organize my own things! I'd never be the character in "Party Girl" who organizes her record collection by Dewey Decimal System! I do enjoy ravelry, though, for a group that you can have a bit of everything and it's very visual as opposed to the other knitting forums/groups.