Monday, July 9, 2007

Photo Catch Up

Since I'm constantly behind on photos, it will come as no surprise that (now that I'm 10 rows from finishing my next pair of socks), I've finally taken a picture of the socks I finished 2 weekends ago for my Sock Pal--Monkey socks, using the April club yarn from Socks that Rock.

The yarn is a new one for STR--a wool and silk blend, and I really enjoyed working with it. You can't tell from this picture, but it looks almost like it's 1 ply of silk and several plies of wool (rather than a mix of wool and silk throughout), because one of the plies is lighter than the rest, making the yarn slightly tweedy.

I'm glad I finished these well ahead of the deadline (we're supposed to send them to they arrive at the beginning of August) because I said I was willing to ship internationally, so my pal's socks have a longer trip than most. I'm also going to send her the rest of the skein (in case she needs to make repairs eventually), some maple sugar candy from Lake Placid (since that's where I knit most of the socks), and maybe some other yarn, if it fits in the package.

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Anonymous said...

And they fit too!
You got it exactly right in so many ways, sock pal! I will publish modelled shots on my blog next week - but jsut wanted to let you know they arrived safe and sound.. and I LOVE the handspun!