Monday, July 23, 2007

Belated Mail Report

Kevin's back home, and he brought the key to the mailbox! We just have one, which isn't usually a problem since we get home at the same time. But since he and the key have been in NC all week, it turns out that I was missing out on all kinds of great mail.

First off, the socks from my pal, Gina. What great socks--they fit perfectly, and the pattern is really neat. It barely shows in this picture, but it's a wide rib with small cables interspersed in the knit portions (I swear we took a better picture, but I seem to have uploaded the wrong one--I'll try to replace this with the better picture tonight). And I love the color--I was just thinking that I wear a lot of jeans and purple, but somehow haven't made myself any socks in those colors, so these are perfect. They were a big hit at SnB yesterday, and I've decided that hand knitted gifts are the best thing ever. She also sent some tea that smells delicious, and a mini sock blocker key chain with a pattern for a mini sock. So cute! Thanks!

And Sarah, who won the yarn I donated to Claudia's knitters against MS fundraiser sent me some gorgeous yarn to say thanks. Blogger wouldn't let me upload that picture at all, so I'll try again tonight. In the meantime, it's two skeins of Ariel from the Natural Dye Studio. (E-bay store here.) (Laceweight! Silk! Yarn mileage disaster! But so beautiful!) I think the color is Atlantic, although it's a little hard to tell from the picture on my monitor. In any case, it's perfect for me too--silvery purple and blue. Thanks!

And Schaefer Yarn (hi Laura!) sent me two gigantic skeins of Andrea (more 100% silk! Yum! Further yarn mileage disaster!) as payment. I picked the Lilliam Gilbreth colorway, which I also have in heavier weight cotton. i was thinking about a simple tank for the cotton (at least to start with--I have four 400 yard skeins), but now I'm thinking maybe I could use them together (not carry the silk with the cotton, but maybe alternating rows like scribble lace, or a dressy sweater with the silk as the upper yoke?).

And if it ever stops raining, I'll also take a picture of the grey picot-edged cardigan from a couple of weeks ago--I finished it over the weekend (instead of working on the Mystery Stole, my Tour de France scarf, or a sample that I need to finish... bad knitter! Although I'm ready to bind off the sample, so I wasn't 100% distracted.)

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