Monday, October 22, 2007

Rhinebeck Report

Like every other knitter in the northeast, I went to Rhinebeck for the weekend with with a horde of New Haven Snbers (Alice, Emily, Heidi, and Katy, Suzy, plus people who just came for one day or the other).

First, the shopping: I was remarkably restrained. Yarn-wise, I only bought one skein of sock yarn (superwash merino & nylon from Ellen's Half Pint Farm).

Oooohh... Denim-y

And it even fits with my new scheme to try to buy sock yarn that looks like my clothes! (In this case, jeans and earth tones.)

And some buttons from Moving Mud, for the lovely Garnstudio 103-1 jacket I've started, using doubled Martha in the greenjeans color way from Schaefer.

Even More Beautiful in Person!

What's funny about these is that I used to live in Corning, NY and work at the glass museum (in the library), and did not acquire a single glass button during that time (in retrospect, I could clobber myself for not working out some kind of knitting for glass exchange with a coworker... everyone but me made beautiful glass). Now, however, I'm really drawn to glass, and these match the yarn beautifully.

And some fiber--this is a wool and mohair blend from.... someone very nice... which I'm hoping will coordinate with the purple-y yarn I made from wool I bought in Maryland.

New Fiber-Rhinebeck

I saw a cozy-looking pullover with deep ribs (they'd probably end right under the bust, and at the elbow) in one color and the rest of the sweater in another, and I'd like to make this into something like that, with the Maryland yarn as the other color. The purples are similar, but I have no idea how/if that will translate into compatibility once this is yarn. It will be a surprise.

And finally this, 100% wool, just a quarter pound or so, because it was pretty.

Not so bright in real life!

It was lovely to walk around and think yarn-y, knitting-ish thoughts all weekend. I do wish it had been cooler, so more people would have worn stuff they'd made, but otherwise, it was just about perfect.

In addition to hanging out with my knitties, I got to meet Debby, and Laura from Schaefer Yarns, who I've emailed and mailed projects to, but hadn't ever met. I love meeting people in person who I kind of know already--it gets over my least favorite part of meeting new people--the part where no one acts like themselves because they're trying to make a good impression. (Not that I want people to try to make bad impressions, but everyone turns out to be more interesting that they originally seemed, once they start saying what they really think!)

And I had apple pie with ice cream for breakfast on Sunday. (Hey, waffles with apple topping and whipped cream are a breakfast food... is ice cream really that much worse?)


missalicefaye said...

A totally legitimate breakfast food. I feel no remorse. :)

Annie said...

Shaefer Martha? DOUBLED???

That's just showing off.

The ice cream for breakfast, however, counts as dairy. Commendable, even.

knitseashore said...

It was nice to meet you too! Glad we got that first meeting over with (hope I made a good impression!!) so next time we can say what we think. :)

Katy said...

There were lots of apples in that thing. I would eat it again!

jennsquared said...

very cool! Now I would love to see that jacket with the new buttons :)

And that is TOTALLY breakfast!!!