Monday, October 29, 2007

Fall Weekend

My friend Molly and I (Hi Molly!) met up in Massachusetts this weekend for the Fiber Twist and a nostalgic wander around the Smith campus.

Trying Not to Squint or Roll Down the Hill

Saturday was a little rainy (but not so bad that we couldn't look at yarn and wool and shiny things--I bought some wool at Winterberry Farm, and then some batting from Sojourner Designs at the Fiber Twist Marketplace, and Molly bought some Angelina). And I made plans to move to the fantasy farm in my head, where there is nothing to do but drink tea and play with fiber. I had a crush on a dairy farmer the year after I graduated from college, and I liked to hang out with him during the overnight (10 PM to 4, 5 or 6 AM) milking shift, so I know real farms are not like my fantasy sheep farm... although on the bright side, sheep don't need to be milked).

Then Sunday was gorgeous. I went for a wandering run which ended up on a trail in the woods, then we wandered around campus looking at all the changes and all the things which haven't changed.

Or at least that's what Molly did--I have some kind of selective amnesia and can barely remember Smith at all (and not because I was drinking either, but because I apparently haven't thought about Smith in years, so my brain is out of practice). So we wandered around, and Molly told me things I ought to remember (for goodness sake, I forgot the place in town we used to eat ice cream!! Not Herrell's, which I do remember, but Bart's, which closed).

I haven't taken pictures of my new wool (although it was all I could do not to buy a spindle at the marketplace so I could start spinning immediately, but I was trying to knit an emergency gift for Kevin's birthday. It was an emergency gift because, while I remembered the date, I didn't figure out till Friday that that meant it was today.).

But I did take a picture of my finished (and blocked, although you can't tell!) Hanami while we walked around.

Slightly Wrinkled Hanami

I even wore it for a little while, with my Garnstudio jacket (not sure if they're recognizable in the top picture, but they're there!).

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