Friday, October 19, 2007

Maybe it's me, not the hat?

Because there's all kinds of extra room--it's just hard to keep it on top of my head.

Maybe I need remedial hat lessons?

And to have the memory of the berets the sousaphone/tuba players wore in marching band expunged from my brain, so I don't worry that I look like them? (Nothing against sousaphones, of course.... just that marching band uniforms are not as stylish as band directors would have one believe).


Anna said...

:) Thanks for sharing those pictures with us! I have a knitted beret at home that does exactly the same thing... I just wouldn't feel confident enough to let anyone see me wearing it... :)

jennsquared said...

I'm no fan of beret, period. I don't really look good enough either, and I have to say I have a good hat head overall, so I don't think you are the only one.

Annie said...

I think now it's a disconnect between wearability and the style. I took a second look at the women in the pattern pictures, and finally noticed that they all achieved the correct floppiness, but the hats were perched WAY up on their heads--not anywhere where real people would wear them.

It's a scam! Berets only work on French men with little hair volume!

The Oat Couture hat, Nehalem, is my favorite modified beret--much wider brim.

I do love your yarn in this. I have to go check how much yardage you used--I have several skeins of handspun that have been waiting for projects--maybe hats!