Friday, October 19, 2007


So, I've been working on and off on a pig for Schaefer Yarn Co--they loved the fish, but wanted more mammals. Till I sewed on the ears last night, I was pretty sure it would be a disaster, but now I think it actually looks like a pig!

Not Pictured: Curly Tail

The eyes are not (as far as I can tell) uneven in real life. The flash must have made him squint.

And in unrelated news... Do you think this hat looks funny?

Urchin hat

On me, I mean--the the hat (Urchin, from Knitty) is in no way inherently funny looking, and is stunning on many people... I just think I look funny in many hats. Kevin is no help (probably smart of him, actually). His standard response to "Do I look funny in this?" is "No funnier than usual."

I made it last night as a pre-sewing reward for sewing up the pig (which, incredibly, did not prevent me from actually sewing up the pig!). I'd looked through Knitty repeatedly without noticing it, till yesterday when I finally saw it and decided I needed one immediately, if not sooner. Mainly because one of the samples was knit with not very much thick and think yarn, so the pattern seemed like a good match for my first handspun (from this time last year).

I think the yarn and pattern combo worked out well--my yarn looks artistic rather than wacky. Which is surprising, because I made it before I understood how to ply with a spindle, so I basically unwound the single from the spindle, folded it in half on my apartment floor, and let it twist back on itself. Like when you let a little bit of single twist on itself, to see what a 2-ply yarn would look like, but on a larger scale. It went about as well as you're imagining, but with more tangling and carpet fuzz.

What I'm not so sure about it how the hat looks on me, so I'm counting on all of you to say something useful ("No funnier than usual" is not useful). I only used half the yarn, and people I know who look good in berets need holiday presents, so I will not be at all insulted if you think I look much funnier than usual!

(PS: More funny is technically correct... but funnier is more funny. So there.)


Annie said...

Well, I adore the pig. Seriously. I want him.

As to the hat, I think it looks fine--kind of a generic pull on hat. When I looked at the pattern, though, and saw that it was intended as a beret, I think that I might like it even better that way--with an bottom band that sits a little further off your face, and a top that's large enough to flop a little? (Really, description is my thing, don't you think?) I think on a large-ish head (just saying), that the band gets stretched to the same width as the top of the beret, and you lose a little beret-ish-ness.

On the other hand, I wear generic pull on hats all the time in the winter, so--either way.

knitseashore said...

The pig looks great! What mammal will be next, or is that a secret?

I agree with Annie, that I think you may want to adjust the hat so that it looks like a beret. Especially because your hair is like mine; you don't have bangs to peek out on your forehead like a fringe to soften the whole look. I know that's vague but hopefully it helps.