Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Schaefer Lace

So, here's the lace pattern for one portion of the shawl. I don't know how well the colors show up on your monitor, but it's meant to be deep gold, purple, dark red, and an olive-y green. Most of the other lace I've knit has had plain wrong (purl) side rows, so it's been a surprise how much more slowly this apttern has gone with patterning in both the knit and prul rows. Since I took the picture, I've moved on to the next lace pattern, which alternates purl rows with patterned rows, and is going much faster.

I have some of the same yarn in blues and greens, and I'd been thinking that I might like to make myself a wrap from it as well. But it's suddenly warm out, and I'm much less interested in a toasty cashmere blend wrap. The other issue is that I actually have 2 skeins (a total of 1500 yards!) of the blue and green yarn, and it seems almost a waste to divide it between 2 projects. Think how cuddly that sweater would be!

Did I mention at the end of February that a friend of mine has convinced me to track not just of mytotal yarn mileage, but also of the miles of yarn I knit each month? I started in the beginning of January, and it's had an unexpected effect on my knitting. When I was tracking just my stash miles, knitting samples was disappointing because it didn't decrease my mileage (since I decicded nto to count that in my total mileage--it doesn't belong to me permanently , after all). But now that I'm including this yarn in my miles knit, I still get to count it as progress... I'm just not sure what it's progress towards, since I'm basically happy with my stash as is.


Annie said...

So what IS your monthly mileage target? I find I vary wildly from month to month, but I'm very consistent on an annual basis. I like counting it that way, because it takes into consideration the actual productivity, regardless of what weight yarn you're using--so one very complicated project on small needles might use miles of yarn, while one whole sweater, if knit on huge needles with bulky yarn and stockinette stitch, might get knocked off in a week or two.

The lace pattern shows up nicely in the photo. I know what you mean about the patterning on every row, though. I'm doing a gansey pattern now, and I'm used to the purl side being just 'knit what you see'. But on this pattern it changes every row--definitely a hit on productivity. On the flip side, it's more fun to do that way--counting all the time. :)

P.S. Definitely a sweater for that cashmere blend--I'm so envious! Or some kind of luxe at-home lounging thing (with that yarn, pajama-top could NOT be used as a name).

Kate Wood said...

Love the lace pattern, and the yarn. Being a novice lace knitter, my sister annie tells me this is from the barbara walker books. I have the first two, what is the pattern?