Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Good Little Designer

Like a good little designer, I've been working on the lace shawl for Schaefer Yarns--but what I really want to do it make myself a sweater! A nice meaty sweater that I can work on for weeks and feel like I'm really committed to something. I've clearly made too many hats, mittens and scarves lately.

It's partly because of my walk to work--and to lunch, if Kevin and I eat out--because I walk past shop windows. There are several great spring jackets, in the windows now, with 3/4 sleeves and slight ruffles at the elbows. I really like the idea of the elbow ruffles--not full enough to actually be ruffly, but just enough extra fabric to notice that it's fuller, and allow the wearer to bend her elbow without creasing or stretching the fabric. I seem to be incapable of wearing a long sleeved shirt, sweater or jacket without pushing up my sleeves, and I keep thinking 3/4 sleeves might help solve that problem.

The other things that haven't been helping me stick to my design project are the lace books I've purchased in the last few weeks--Victorian Lace Today and Lace Style, just like everyone else. You'd think that looking at lace would make me want to work on the lace shawl for Cheryl, but of course it doesn't. I like to imagine it's because the yarn isn't laceweight, but it may just been that I'm fickle.

I made Madli's Shawl out of some deep red Jaeger Zephyr about this time last year ( think it was last year?). It was originally my project for the knitting Olympics, but then a design project (Convertible for Knitty. actually) got in the way, and became my Olympic knitting instead. I finished it as soon as I could after the Olympics though, and I love to wear it, so I'd really like to make another shawl the same shape (I wear it more as an indoor scarf). I have some leftover white Zephyr from the shawl I made for my wedding, or some KnitPicks Shimmer in Stream (I think that's the name) from a wrap I made for my mom, as well as Schaefer Andrea (brown, gold and maroon) and Trenna (purples) that I'd love to use... So many great choices! But I really should work harder on the shawl for Cheryl--it'll lead to more great yarn!

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Sunflowerfairy said...

I'm dying to try Zephyr. I can't find it in a store and I'm afraid to just buy it over the internet.