Monday, March 26, 2007

Cherry Chocolate Yarn

First off, here's the yarn I finished over the weekend--it's the Cherry Chocolate (or Chocolate Cherry?) roving from Happy Fuzzy Yarns, a single of which I showed on a bobbin a couple of weeks ago. The roving was very stripy, as was the single, and I was a little worried that the yarn would turn out striped as well. Since I split the roving lengthwise, I thought I might have to make an effort to keep the colors from lining up when I plied it.

But that wasn't a problem at all--I should have realized that my spinning is still way too uneven to keep sections of colors that started out the same length (and therefore had about the same amount of fiber, assuming I divided the roving evenly) the same length through the spinning process. So the colors don't really line up, although it's possible that the yarn will still have tweedy stripes--some sections where both singles were red, some where both were brown, and some where there was one of each--but it won't be as dramatic as if the colors had lined up exactly. Plus, there's only enough (about 240 yards, I think) for a scarf or socks, so subtle striping would be fine.

And I guess there's no second off at the moment--I was going to show you the lace pattern of the shawl, but I haven't quite figured out how to take a good picture of it.

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Baby Beth said...

I think your yarn looks great! I'm not really sure if that's the look you were going for but I think it would make a really nice scarf. Who cares if the color stripes won't exactly match up? :)