Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Closet Yarn

I'm not sure if I've conveyed how small our house (condo) is, but it's tiny. The building used to be a factory or mill of some kind (we figured out what they made once, but I've forgotten--Kevin's previous apartment was in a former corset factory, which was much more memorable). Most of our bedroom actually used to be the freight elevator shaft, although the closet and a strip of space from the door to the closet extend outside of the former elevator. And the wooden track which the elevator used to run on is still there, running up one side of the room between two bookcases (one of which houses most of my yarn).

Before I moved in, Kevin liked to hang his non-machine dry-able clothes in the closet (which is actually a walk-in closet--they did a great job of fitting in storage space) to dry. Now that my clothes are there too, there's no room for that--but somehow, there's still room for drying new yarn!

This is the last of my almost solid sampler roving from Spunky Eclectic--two purple-y colors spun together. Even though I started out with an ounce of each, I'm not consistent enough yet to spin the same length single from each color, so I've been Navajo plying the extra of the one that's longer--just as practice, since I don't do it very well yet at all. (Plus, I don't think I'm spinning my singles tightly enough to really stand up to that kind of manipulation. They tend to break, which doesn't happen when I ply the standard way.)

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Annie said...

Wow! Two posts in the time since I had checked--way to go, blogger!

I think you should spend all free time obsessing over the next project; make lists, cull them, compare them to yarn on hand-----no wait. That's me.

Beautiful color on that handspun.