Monday, March 5, 2007

New Fiber, and Mitten #2

In anticipation of the Socks that Rock sock club mailing, I accidentally bought some sock yarn last week: an 80% wool, 20% nylon blend in the Ask Me Tomorrow colorway from Fuzzy Happy Yarn, as well as 4 oz. of 100 % Blue Faced Leicester roving in the Cherry Chocolate colorway. In my defense, working on the gansey sock (I've finished the first one and started the second one--it's currently in the toe-warmer stage) means that I only had a pair's work of sock yarn in my stash--which suddenly seems to be mostly lace weight Schaefer yarn (at least it's compact!). And that seemed like asking for trouble--what if I ran into a sock knitting emergency?
And I almost did! Because of when I moved relative to when Blue Moon Fibers prepared their shipping labels, my STR yarn was sent to my old address--and then it took nearly a week for the postcard FedEx sent about the delivery failure to make it to my new address, so FedEx nearly sent the package back. Meanwhile, I thought it was coming to my new address, and was just waiting patiently. So I got the postcard yesterday, and supposedly, the package will be delivered to my new address today. (I can't wait--except that I bet I'll have to, because most shipping companies won't leave packages outside at my new house, so I suspect I'll have to pick it up from them later in the week). Phew!
In any case, I'll need to wait a bit before making any more socks, because I have 2 design projects for Schaefer Yarns that I should be working on: a shawl and two pairs of mittens. I’m feeling very accomplished for having felted the bag, but surprisingly, finishing the bag doesn’t mean the mittens and shawl are any closer to done! Or even really started—although I have been swatching for the shawl, at least.

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