Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Little Known Signs

..that you're at the gym too much:

1. You make cookies to bring to knitting, but don't want to bring the extra cookies home. Naturally, you put them in your gym locker, so they'll be there for you to bring to work in the morning.

2. You think the locker room is a perfectly good backdrop for outfit photos.

(I know this is the same sweater as last week, but I'm excited because I finally wore this skirt--bought deeply on sale a couple of years ago, and irritating me ever since--and felt like myself. Big surprise--what it needed was more purple and more knitting.)

3. You wash your bath towels and realize a week later that you still haven't used them... because you haven't showered at home for a week. (Not all my showers have been at the gym: I was away this weekend--to Providence on Saturday for an archives conference, the highlight of which was white chocolate stuffed French toast with roasted almonds and bananas... because I'm a good little archivist, I didn't eat it near any records--and then to DC to see Kevin, my sister, and her husband run the Cherry Blossom 10-miler on Sunday. Tasty food in DC too.)

What's funny about this, is that I'd suddenly had enough erging for a while about 3 weeks ago, and we're not yet rowing on the water because our dock washed away, so I've only been running... so really, I'm not at the gym much at all, comparatively.

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