Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Not Our Biggest Problem

In the summer, I like to buy milk at the local farmers market. It comes in reusable bottles, and you get a discount if you bring them back. Less throwaway packaging, local cows, hurray!

But the bottles clank together alarmingly in my bag (sounding like they might break, even though I used to climb a glass staircase and walk on a glass floor every day at work), and water condenses on them, and gets everything else wet, and it's just Not Good.

Obviously, they needed cozies:

Even though this was not our biggest problem (according to Kevin... but what does he know? he barely even drinks milk!), I'm disproportionately amused by them.

What's especially good is that I solved several (OK, very minor) problems at once: I made the cozies, obviously, but I also used part of an unevenly felted sweater from a previous craft project, and eliminated my own slight guilt that I hadn't knit the darn things already. (It's embarrassing, really, how long I'd been thinking about cozies for the milk bottles.)

And now they remind me of a really neat sculpture I saw when I worked at the Corning Museum of Glass (Quick! Guess which previous employer might have had that glass floor and staircase! Hint: not the non-profit in the converted factory building, or the weekly local newspaper.)

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