Saturday, March 19, 2011

No Coat

For the first time forever, it was warm enough yesterday that I went to work without a coat! What you can't see here is that I'm still wearing books and tights--but the tights are light grey and lacy--so it's clearly spring in New England.

Most springily, I didn't die of exposure vesp-ing home without a coat (the weirdness on top of/beside my head is my helmet--notice that I'm only wearing the helmet, not helmet plus hat! And Kevin didn't wear his balaclava or bar mitts...).

And at long last, here's the revamped purple cardigan. (To review: it was originally a Rowan pattern, meant for Calmer, knit in Cascade 220. I ripped out the collar and bodice, then worked a yoke according to EZ's instructions, with the same welt pattern from the lower hem.)

I think the yoke came out ok--the last yoke I made was a little shallow, so this one's a little deep. Maybe the next one will be just right! The upper body was a little wide to begin with, which I didn't change, but I think that's not as obvious with a yoked sweater as it was with the set in sleeves. I'm still thinking about unfolding the hems on the sleeves to make them a little longer, and looking at this picture, I think I should. Also, someone should follow me around with a steamer, smoothing out my sleeves every so often. How do they get so smooshed? That same person should also block the bodice a little better, and keep the front hems from rolling--possibly I should add some ribbon to the front edges?

Niggling imperfections aside, the most important thing is that now I actually wear it!


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

I know you work at a prestigious library and are devoted to your work , but I think wearing books is going too far. However, I love that sweater!

Archiknist said...

Usually my regular word to interest-related word typos focus on yarny words... library words are a new trick.