Monday, March 7, 2011


I have gone from "hey, I wonder what new knitting books have come out lately?" to "leaving immediately to see if Knit New Haven has a copy, must cast on. right. now." in just over 24 hours. The book in question is Fresh Fashion Knits (hush, it's not the book's fault), and I'm obsessed with Martha. I also have minor, lesser obsessions with other patterns.

If my obsession can overcome my inertia (it's a work from home day, and I'm going to be at KNH tomorrow... but on the other hand, if I go today and they don't have it, then I could get it at B&N tomorrow, but if I don't go today and they don't have it, I would need to wait till Wednesday to get it at B&N! Disaster! Crisis! So minor in the grand scheme of things!), I'm going to use my Harrisville Designs New England Shetland--which has reminded me of Felted Tweed ever since I bought it.

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Peaceful Knitter said...

That is a cute top, well worth obsessing over!