Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Obsession...

All of a sudden, I want to make a felted bag--specifically, the Bedouin Bag from Noni Designs. I've identified the yarn, plotted alternatives to the $68 handles and $20 snap shown in the sample, and now I just have to wait till tomorrow to see if Knit New Haven carries the pattern. They have Noni Designs patterns, but will they have that one?!?? The suspense is killing me! And we all know how patient I was last time I needed to knit something that second! I've nearly finished the back of that sweater, by the way--I did the fronts first, so that will just leave the (short) sleeves... and, in true Rowan fashion, a bunch of edgings and sewing up.

If Knit New Haven doesn't have it, some waffling will ensue... the pattern is kind of on the more expensive side, and I'm pretty sure I can fake it from the picture online. The wrinkle with felting is that if I think I've gotten it close enough, felt it, and discover I haven't, there's no going back. On the other hand, will I be able to wait for shipping? Stay tuned!

Not related at all, but Kevin and I finally reassembled the tandem--still in pieces from our trip to China last summer (mortifyingly, we'd left it in its suitcases all this time). The reassembly process didn't end in divorce or murder (as I feared it might, based on how badly I wanted to kill Kevin, the guide, and the driver when we packed it up in China), so we're hoping to bike tomorrow, and possibly over the weekend if it ever stops raining. Kevin did the Bronx Biathlon (actually a duathlon, but alliteration trumps accuracy) last weekend, biking outside for the first time since we got back from China (excepting a few 1 mile commutes on a folding bike), and his tribike outside for the first time in possibly 18 months (he's been riding it on an indoor trainer). New training plan: don't actually do the thing you're training for.

By that logic, I should make the national rowing team any second now, since I've stopped erging and haven't been out on the water yet (our dock washed away, so things are a little disorganized). I've been running more than I did last year, but I miss rowing. Ont he other hand, I've been getting all kinds of sleep--6:30 is practically afternoon compared to 4:40!

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