Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Difficulty

So, here's the problem: it's getting warmer, but I love my wool sweaters and don't want to stop wearing them--so much so that I want to wear several of them constantly (all at the same time, if necessary), because I don't have that much time left with them this year. Simultaneously, I also want to start wearing my spring sweaters immediately. As someone who's always in danger of swathing herself in acres of knitted fabric and thinking she's dressed appropriately for work, this is a challenge.

In other news, an acre of knitted fabric:

(Note that I am not actually wearing this, just holding it up in front of myself for scale.)

I've finished the knitting portion of my impending knitted bag. Knit New Haven didn't have the pattern I wanted, and I didn't want to wait for them to order it like a reasonable person, so after some more rav-stalking and pondering, I decided to wing it. It seems gigantic, so possibly this will be more of a tote than a purse.

(Spoiler alert: I felted it last night and it's still huge. Almost certainly a tote, although there are some handle and closure possibilities that might move it back from tote to very large purse. Either way, it's taken the edge off my need to felt, at least for the moment. Although on the other hand, look how cute the handle on this clutch is (scroll down). Do you think it would be possible to felt knitted fabric enough that it would support itself like this?)


Stacey said...

Hmm... I'm a little skeptical that you could knit a handle that the one for the clutch that would work/support/still look cute...
I would get some fancy hardware :)

AniDoll said...

As much as I love the clutch and the smart handle, I don't know if that type handle would work for something large... I'd love to see the "bag" post felting!

PS, you're adorable (re: "I didn't want to wait for them to order it like a reasonable person")!!