Friday, April 9, 2010

Study Break

All this writing is reminding me of college and grad school... it wasn't that I worked all the time, but whenever I wasn't, I felt like I should be.

Back in the halcyon days (2 weeks ago) when I was reading blogs without a vague sense of guilt, I'd gotten into reading fashion blogs--mainly written by female profs and grad students, trying to express themselves while still being taken seriously as academics.

It's gotten me to try combining my own clothes in more interesting ways, to be braver about the colors I wear together. My idea of brave may not be your idea of brave though...

This, for example:

Dark and light brown with... yellow! (Previously, I think I'd only worn this dress with a dark brown sweater, or on its own. Living on the edge!)

However minor my color bravery may be, I'm happy to have thought of this--I really like my Citron, but I'd only worn it once because yellow isn't really in my palette. But now that I've tried it with brown, who knows what will happen!

(Speaking of brown, I finished my brown sweater! There's just the smallest chance that it will be cool enough to wear it tomorrow, when I'm helping out at university crew race. Standing around next to the river at dawn--actually 7:30 AM, which is almost mid-afternoon for rowers--in April has got to be cool enough for wool, right?)

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