Monday, April 26, 2010


I took the weekend off from writing, which was lovely. On Saturday, I rowed (an hour later than during the week--it was like sleeping in! Except that we were all an hour hungrier during the workout, which wasn't so great), ate breakfast with everyone at the boathouse, then met up with Jen and Jenn to go to the CT Sheep and Wool Festival.

I'd been thinking about buying a fleece (because a good response to having less time to knit is to make your fiber-y pursuits more time-intensive, right?), but I didn't. In addition to the time thing, I'm still not sure what I like and what I don't, fiber-wise, and I didn't want to commit to spending that much time with something that I might not like. Instead, I bought a skein of sock yarn from Ball and Skein and a couple of ounces of an alpaca/llama/silk blend called llamalicious from Mocha's Fiber Collection.

It was a perfect Rebecca day--rowing, knitting friends, fiber, and then Kevin and I thought briefly about biking when I got home, but in the end we just watched tv and ate dinner. And I finally finished up the roving I've been spinning (on my spindle) for something like 18 months! (It's plied and everything, although I used my wheel for that--otherwise it would have taken another 18 months!)

Isn't it pretty?

Sunday, I got up and knit and spun and napped and went to knitting and didn't even run (which meant I ran 10 miles today right after rowing... and now want to nap again when I should be writing... but not running yesterday was nice at the time!).

Speaking of writing... I'd better get going!

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Jen said...

I had a lot of fun, too.