Friday, April 16, 2010


I finished some socks (at last... I think I may be knitting the amount "normal" knitters usually knit, and it feels like I've been knitting this same pair of socks for months). I was slightly late to work because I wanted to sew up the last toe, so I could take pictures during lunch.

What could be better than blue, brown and green socks with purple tights, photographed in a cafeteria on a rainy day? Also, I was going to take the pictures myself, since Kevin is at a conference. It would have been wonderful!

I very carefully packed the socks, plus the yarn I'm planning to start a shawl with (also wound this morning... possibly Kevin shouldn't go out of town, since I can't be trusted to get myself out the door on time. While we're on the subject, I also took a nap, made bread, and tried on most of my clothes in an effort to dress myself, all by 8 AM. Oh, and ran the dishwasher.) But then I left my phone/camera on the couch where I'd been sitting, so no pictures after all.

This is not the epic shawl project I keep blithering about, by the way--I'm going to wait till I'm back to my normal knitting time to start that. Instead, I'm going to make something Mara-ish, but I may make the ruffle/ribs rufflier. Also, I really like these modifications, so I think I'll make it wider. I'm going to use some Audrey yarn from Schaefer (a wool/silk blend, single ply), in a sage green color. I haven't kept anything I've made from Audrey so far, but blends like this can be pill-y (and being a single ply won't help), but I think it'll be fine in a shawl. And it's so soft and shimmery I can't resist.

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gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

The modified Mara sounds beautiful, I was thinking of that too- but now I'll wait for you too figure out the shaping and tell me :-) . I think I want longer wider rufflier ribs as well.