Monday, January 11, 2010

Win Some, Lose Some

The yogurt... isn't. It smells like yogurt, but even after cooling overnight (in case yogurt is like Jello), it was still the texture of milk with yogurt mixed in.

After Kevin learned that I was leaving a dairy product out on the counter all day to ferment, he wanted to know how I was planning to tell the difference between yogurt and food poisoning. Since I'd been planning to distingish them by texture, the fact that my "yogurt" was still liquid seemed like a bad sign. (Ok, I did dip the tip of one finger in and taste the tiniest bit--and it did taste like yogurt. But I'm not willing to possibly poison myself for the cost of a new quart of milk!)

So I'm going to try again with a candy thermometer.

On the other hand, I taught a 30 minute class about sock heels at the FiberCamp Boston on Saturday and survived. Gale's post about the camp convinced two of us from the New Haven SnB to go up with her, and then the camp website/philosophy made me feel guilty... I mean... inspired me to teach something.

Talking in front of people is my least favorite thing ever, nearly, but this was the least stressful way to do it--it was really informal, and much more like a discussion than talking in front of people because the whole point of the camp was that everyone should speak up if they had something to add.

Then my spinning group met on Sunday (Kevin spent the whole weekend napping and watching football--don't feel bad for him), and I finished up 4 ounces of a merino and seacell blend that I bought at Rhinebeck. (In 2009--impressive, huh?) I'd been planning to ply it with itself, but when I wound it off the bobbin it looked like it might self stripe with long color repeats. So--since I keep favoriting shawl patterns meant for self striping yarns with long color repeats recently--I may leave it as-is.

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gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

I had no idea you dislike speaking so much, you did a terrific job of it. I mean, I was so moved I am actually knitting a pair of socks just to get to the heels you taught us.