Monday, January 4, 2010

Hatless, I Repeat, Hatless

I'm not longer quite so hatless. Before all of our Christmas travels (which I shall blame for the blog silence... although it may also be laziness!), I made myself 2 hats.


And wurm, which I haven't managed to photograph yet, although I've worn it more. (Felicity was still drying when we left, so she spent her vacation on a towel at home.)

This is the same handspun as last time--in the end, I couldn't resist the idea of having the angora and wool (merino? cormo?) around my neck, so I whipped up a little cowl with it right after my last post. I had plenty left over, so I made wristwarmers (which I'm wearing over gloves in the next picture). There was still a bit leftover, so I started Felicity with a band of it, worked purl row to turn, then followed the pattern as it's written (more or less--I adjusted the stitch count slightly).

Here's the lining:

I really like the hat--I have a sneaky suspicion that fitted hats make my head look disproportionately small, and the floppiness helps with that--but oddly, I'm not so crazy about the cowl. As soft as that yarn seemed, it's itchy right against my neck! (But fine on my wrists, hands, and head.)

That's two unfortunate knitting discoveries in 2009: that it's possible for me to feel to sick to knit, and that there is a yarn I think is itchy. What is the world coming to?

Although it may be something I did--it wasn't at all itchy before I knit it up. (Can a stitch pattern be itchy? Maybe I should have used larger needles? Smaller? More expensive?)

Hey, have I told the "it's not itchy, it's textural" story?

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jessica said...

miss becca - i like the liner on your felicity! i've been thinking about making one for myself (are you shocked? jess following a pattern?!) and a little insulation around the ears seems like a really really good thing. hope all is well with you!!!