Monday, January 25, 2010


I took Gale's photography for knitters class at Knit New Haven yesterday.

Clearly, I needed that class badly...

(Wurm hat)

(Ice Queen)

...since I'm willing to post FO pictures taken inside, with my camera phone, when my photographer and I were too lazy to stand up (actually, he may have been standing when he took the first one), and where the emergency exit door is a central feature.

The class was great--a good balance of listening/looking and hands-on, and exactly geared towards the photos knitbloggers/Ravelry users want to take. I noticed at the end of the day that I haven't quite internalized the fact that pixels are free, as I took a grand total of 82 pictures--other people took between 200 and 300. (Archivist-me likes to mutter that pixels AREN'T free, since long-term preservation costs can add up quickly... perhaps archivist-me needs to put a sock in it?)

Of course it was grey and pouring today, so I didn't put all my new-found determination to stop being satisfied with abysmal pictures to work. But I will, as soon as it stops raining.

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BeccaH said...

Those windows look like they might be a good source of side lighting... :) It was a great class, wasn't it?