Friday, January 29, 2010


I was looking at my stash spreadsheet this morning (the Stash feature of Ravelry just isn't enough for me... how would I survive if I couldn't track miles knit per month, or calculate average miles knit per month over the course of a year?), and decided to include my handspun for the first time.

I'd been leaving it out because some of it might be folk art, instead of will-someday-be-knitted yarn--and I didn't want to see the effect adding it would have on my total stash mileage. Lately though, I've knit more than I've bought, so my total mileage had crept downwards--so it felt like there was some room for a big jump up, without pushing the whole thing into the range where I get antsy about over-consumption and/or hoarding.

But I'm getting (slightly) more able to spin (approximately) the yarn I mean to spin (sometimes), and it was starting to feel like cheating not to count it in my stash (especially since I've always counted it in the "knitted up" yardage).

Speaking of which, I think I've mentioned this yarn before--it's the merino/seacell blend which I was going to ply but decided to keep as a single because it looked like it might stripe. (It's much stripy-er as a yarn cake.) I was planning to knit it in stripes with a neutral (like the Noro striped scarf--although that's actually 2 multicolored yarns striped together), but I have more than 800 yards just of the handspun, so it's enough for a good-sized wrap or shawl on its own.

I was thinking about another Clapotis, or something along those lines---essentially a large stockinette stitch rectangle without much texture or shaping which might compete with the yarn. (Maybe.)

I'd also like to make a couple of sweaters for myself, especially now that I've added a sweater's worth of handspun to my stash spreadsheet!

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Brenda said...

I really, REALLY love this yarn. I have some merino/seacell lying around; maybe I'll try to mimic your yarn.

PS. Nice photo!