Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No Sock Hoppity

A while back, I saw a lolcat of a bunny (a lolbunny? But possibly bunnies spell better than cats?), completely flopped, belly on the ground, ears drooping, as though it had lost all its innards, with a caption about how hoppy bunny had lost his hoppity. (Now, of course, I can't find it, no matter how hard I google.)

Say hoppity aloud--see how satisfying it is? So naturally, Kevin and I now talk about having lost hoppity when we've lost motivation (as in "I've lost all my work hoppity. Is it time to go home yet?" and "I don't have any running hoppity. Maybe we could workout tomorrow?" ... too bad for us that in the land of marathons, you have to work out today AND tomorrow).

Anyway, I may have lost my sock hoppity. Or at least my "using up partial skeins before I start to make socks out of completely new yarn" hoppity, a little-known type of sock hoppity that is in very short supply, even under the best of circumstances.


Anonymous said...

That's a funny expression!

Hmmm... maybe you have to go off and work on something else then try to come back to the socks?

Sonia said...

Would going to an old-fashioned sock hop restore your sock hoppity? Maybe you just need a brand new skein of delicious hand-dyed sock yarn...

Sarah said...


Is this the lolbunny you were looking for? I searched the word hoppy.

Moppet has serious hoppity to be such a good sock model and not go all saggy eared.