Monday, February 9, 2009


I spent 2 days last week in a workshop on copyright... in sock terms, 2 days looks like this:

Which is a little less than I thought it would be. Although, now that I think about it (and am looking for excuses!), I was knitting slower than usual because I was alternating colors every row, to make stripes.

Actually, it's worse than that--in order to avoid the weird tension that happened last time I knit 1-row stripes (by knitting 1 round with 1 color, then 1 round with the other), I worked 2 needles with A color, then 1 needle with color B, then 1 needle with color A, then 1 with color B, etc. So there was a lot more turning than usual.

I found my sock hoppity by changing techniques--when you're on your 37th pair of socks, magic loop and double points seem completely different!

And speaking of copyright: a copyright violation! The coach filmed in practice last week, and I put my video in Flickr.... but let's see if I can embed it here:

(Huh. I guess I need to publish this to see if it worked.)

Please ignore my right wrist, which is up to no good. And it's probably just as well that you can't see my left wrist, which likes to help feather (turn the oar), even though it's not supposed to (I'm making progress though--now I only feather with both hands about a quarter of the time).

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Annie Driscoll said...

I am always intrigued by your copyright hoppity. So strict in regards to written materials, more variable in other venues. :)