Monday, February 23, 2009


How is it that I'm blogging less, even though I'm home more?

In any case, I've been knitting:

For all that I like to think of myself as finishing up projects in a timely manner, and not letting WIPs turn into UFOs (that's works-in-progress into unfinished objects, in Normal Person English), I'd let myself develop three or four extra projects, which I was essentially ignoring.

Here's what I was ignoring:
1. the wreath (have I shown a picture of the finished wreath?)
2. the shawl (which I know I haven't taken a picture of)
3. this sweater (which I started knitting in the fall, for the very patient Laura at Schaefer Yarns)
4. another design project, which I haven't decided what to do with

My "assignment" for this sweater was to make a cute baby project, using just one skein of Nichole. I picked the center cable pattern from one of the Japanese knitting books I bought in Singapore 2 years ago, and filled in with double seed stitch (moss stitch? double moss stitch? whatever!) and a little 3-stitch cable.

It was fun to knit (and I love Nichole), but it stalled a couple of times--when I couldn't decide what to do about the neck, and again when I changed my mind about what I'd done the first time. In the end, both shoulders are open, and close with snaps.

I've also been working on a Montana Tunic for my mom... since I can knit that without looking (it's stockinette stitch, on large needles), I work on that when I'm reading for some of the extra work I've picked up. I haven't been able to knit while reading for work in a couple of years, and I'd forgotten how well it helps me concentrate (I knit while reading for pleasure all the time--it helps me concentrate then too, but concentrating on fun books is not an impressive feat).


Anonymous said...

That is SOOOOOO cute! I want to knit one too! I'll have to see if I can request pattern as my payments! :)

Annie Driscoll said...

I love that sweater--I want to knit it immediately! Let me know when it becomes available, or if test knitters get early access. For that sweater, I'd sign up!!

Sonia said...

I haven't tried knitting while reading, but it seems like an ultimate form of multitasking! Cute sweater.