Saturday, January 24, 2009

Long Lost

I've just remembered that I forgot to report on my Christmas knitting (I think. I definitely didn't show pictures... right?). I finished the last minute sweater--which was a minimalist cardigan for my sister.

I made the smallest size, but adjusted the stitch counts to fit my gauge. I'm not quite sure what the yarn is--Gale gave it to me in the fall, but she'd gotten it from someone else, and the labels had been lost in the process. It was definitely wool-based, possibly with mohair (because it set off Sunflowerfairy's allergies), tentatively identified as possibly from Green Mountain Spinnery (because if you're going to tentatively identify things, you might as well decide you have something great!).

Whatever it is, I finished it more or less on time (not in time for Christmas, but in time to hand it over in person on the 27th), and she claims to like it, so hurrah!

Since then, I've turned the leftovers into a pair of mittens, an assortment of scrap hats, and one of those felted boxes from the first Mason-Dixon book. Which isn't yet felted, because I've dredged up the wreath/cinnamon roll from this time last year, and I want to felt them together. (I like to think of myself as not having old UFOs, and I don't want to start with this one!)

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Woooo I like! This is why I have to get started on mine!!! So cute!