Friday, January 30, 2009

Not Ready--Still Waffling!

So, Jenn's post reminded me that I may have another potential sock yarn shortage coming up. I'm still working of pair 35 (disgraceful! I should be finishing pair 36 tomorrow! Good thing I over-achieved by 1 pair in the first 6 months, and that I suspect baby E is on the verge of outgrowing her Christmas socks, so I have an excuse to make baby socks!), which means I have 17 pairs left to reach 52.

And here's my current sock yarn stash:
2.7 skeins of Anne from Schaefer Yarns
= 4 pairs of adult socks, 2 solid and 2 striped, and possibly a pair or 2 of baby socks. These skeins are gigantic.

1 skein Enchanted Knoll Farm superwash sock yarn
= 1 pair of adult socks, plus baby socks or wristwarmers or something. I haven't used this yarn before, so I'm not as sure how much will be left over.

1 skein Fannie's Fingering Weight, from Farmhouse Yarns
= 1 pair adult socks, plus something (probably not baby socks because it's not superwash, but I loved the color).

1 skein Madelinetosh sock yarn
3/4 skein Jitterbug
= 2 pairs of adult socks, 1 solid and 1 mixed (striped? contrast toes & heels?)

So that's 11 pairs. I've ordered some black sock yarn from Knitpicks, enough for 2 pairs (a belated bunny-sitting payment), so that's 13, which means I'm short 4 pairs.

Wait! I also have a 4 oz. of superwash roving that I meant to make into sock yarn, so that means I have enough for 14 pairs.

So, should I get some sock yarn? Or just hold my horses and ask for sock yarn from Schaefer Yarns next time? And remind myself that there's no chance I'll make it through both the CT and MA sheep and wool festivals without buying sock yarn? (Although I will have to knit fast after the MA festival, because it's May 23 and 24, and the sock year ends May 31!)

Waffle, waffle, waffle.

When you answer, bear in mind that as of Monday, I'm switching to working part-time, in order to start getting back into the consulting I'd intended to do when I first moved to New Haven. Since my first consulting gig isn't lined up till March, maybe I shouldn't kick off (ha-ha... kick off... super bowl sales...) my partial unemployment/self-employment with a shopping spree?

(Although on the other hand, think how much knitting I'll get to do before March!)


Sonia said...

Nothing motivates me to keep knitting better than a little new yarn...especially sock yarn! I can see your dilemma, though.

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

I bought some Fannies Fingering last week, at the store the sign says machine wash although they pointed out that some of the skeins had tags incorrectly saying machine wash.