Tuesday, November 11, 2008


1. I was knitting in a talk at work just now, and the speaker was talking about blogs. He started to say "Does anyone knit?" but noticed me, said "oh, there you are," pointed out that there are knitting blogs, then distracted himself by asking what knitters' favorite programming language is (Perl, ha-ha). I wonder--does he have a knitblog/know how common knitting blogs are, or did he see one knitblog once and think "Wow! There are blogs about everything!"?

2. Would I have come up with Perl if I hadn't been thinking so hard about whether he meant that knitting directions are like a programming language, or that knitting is binary just like bits.

3. If I do decide to use the teal yarn for the Montana Tunic, will 650-700 yards be enough? (I plied about half of the yarn last night, and suddenly it seems like less yardage than I thought it would be--do I spin more densely than other people? Is that even possible?) I think I'm going to make the smallest size (38"), the size I usually make my sweaters (since it's semi-open on the sides, if anything it will seem to fit more loosely than it does, I think). The pattern calls for 3 skeins of 250 yards each for both the smallest size and the second smallest size--even if the whole third skein would be used up for the second smallest size, there would have been some left over when making the smallest size, right?


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

I can't even begin to answer 1 and 2 but I think you're OK yardage wise with # 3. There are 3 versions of this that I know mor eor less yardage used- and it varied within the 650-700 range- depending on the weight of your handspun of course, the pattern calls for sportweight. You're also right to make a smaller size, mine is a L and now that I'm wearing it (a lot), I wish I'd made a medium, it seems to be getting floppier on me.

Anonymous said...

HAHA! I laughed OUT LOUD when I read "Perl"... That is so funny. I think I would probably think of the Perl being such a dork myself. Can't say that about you though...

And unlike Gale, I can comment on the 1 and 2, but no 3 for me.