Monday, November 10, 2008


So, I've wanted to make a Montana Tunic (in two colors in the top pic here) since Gale brought her preview copy of Shear Spirit to SnB. Once the book actually came out, I started thinking about yarn--early on, I thought maybe a brown yarn, but I already have a brown vest, and since I only have 3 vests total (and 2 of them are already the same pattern in different colors...), maybe I should branch out color-wise?

So now I'm thinking either some teal-y, tweed-y handspun (technically, not quite finished--I still need to spin the last little bit, then ply it all...), or some semi-solid grey Miss Priss which appeared over the weekend. (And it brought 4 skeins of Schaefer Anne with it--sock yarn crisis averted! At least for the moment.)

Anyway, it's a quandary.

The tunic shape is already a little quirky (in the best possible way, naturally), so maybe it doesn't also need to be teal (even a very tweedy teal)? Also, the sleeves of my shirt will show when I wear it, and since teal is an unusual color for my wardrobe, maybe I'd be happier/wear it more not trying to match my sleeves to teal?

On the other hand... I really want to knit up the teal yarn. Once it's done, I mean.

Or maybe it's not a quandary, since wanting to knit the teal yarn is a reason to knit something with it, not a reason to knit the tunic with it.

(Also, do you think the tunic would be a disaster on me? I'm kind of pear-shaped. Not as noticeably as some, since I have fairly wide shoulders, but enough that there are some things I'm certain look terrible on me. I'm planning to shorten it/not lengthen it (I'm tall-ish, and can't remember how long it is as written) so it ends right at my hip bones.)


Baby Beth said...

So I don't think you have a real quandry here. You should knit the tunic in the tealy tweed like color (once finished) since you seem to really want to use it and it appears to have been your first thought for it. As for matching, just wear a neutral underneath it. Neutrals match everything, including teal. Disaster averted!

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

I'm with Beth on the teal- it goes with all neutrals and also with brownish/purplish/shades, and the Tunic will look excellent in a tweedy yarn. It'll also look great on you at hip bone length.The designer is quite tall and that's how she intended it, the problem is you've only seen it on we vertically challenged types so far. And the woman fly fishing, of course.Go for it!

Annie Driscoll said...

I'm casting my vote for the grey Miss Priss. And ditto on the hip bone length.

Sunflowerfairy said...

Damn it, does this mean I can't knit it?

(Promise I won't knit it in teal, which will look gorgeous on you.)

knitseashore said...

I agree with Beth. Go for it!!