Friday, November 7, 2008

It Occurs to Me...

That maybe I'm not feeling bored with blogging, just with blogging about socks. (Also about blogging without pictures... a situation which will get worse now that it's dark at about 3:26 pm.)

And writing about socks would be more interesting if I'd just pick an interesting pattern--but my last 2 pairs have been stockinette, because I wanted to use up bits.

But hey, that reminds me! Would you have guessed that this:

And this:

Would look like this:

When knit together?

(That last one is Pair 22 out of 52--I just finished pair 23, so as long as I keep on schedule this month, I'll have 27 pairs done at the halfway point. I'm currently in possession of a mere 8 skeins of sock yarn, although some of them will be enough for more than 1 pair. CRISIS! IMPENDING SOCK YARN SHORTAGE!)

Anyway, looking at all three pairs together, I can see the first 2 colorways in the third, but looking at the first two, I wouldn't have predicted the third. Magic! Not my magic though--I think it works because the component colors are harmonious, and that's all the Schaefer Yarn Company's doing (this is their Anne yarn).

Look at that--when I think I'm bored of blogging about socks, I... blog about socks to mix things up.


Sunflowerfairy said...

Ha! If you run out you can have some of my sock yarn. I have a ton of the stuff and don't knit socks. I have no idea why I hold onto it. lol

I love the two colors together. The make a pretty pair! (HAHA!)

Annie Driscoll said...

And very interesting socks are, too. Almost as fascinating as my endless series of Knitspot scarves. At least you mix up the yarn--I've been on Mountain Colors Bearfoot for quite a little while now.

Anna said...

The two colours work so well together and I would've never guess the end product would come out the way it did. :)

knitseashore said...

Sounds like you are desperately in need of some new sock yarn! Have fun picking out the new colors.