Friday, November 14, 2008

Imaginary Startitis

(Non-knitters: startitis is when you start a bunch of things in a short space of time, and usually without making any real progress on anything before starting something else. Or not you, but knitters.)

There are approximately 800 things I want to knit immediately.

1. Montana Tunic. I think I'm leaning towards the teal handspun, because in my head I've alloted all the other possibilities to other sweaters. This decision subject to change without notice. (Especially since I'm trying to be good and make some progress on the things I'm already working on.)

2. Imogene. Maybe in the grey Miss Priss I just got?

3. Pullover something like 28thirty, but with a longer body, lower neck, and maybe it should be a cardigan after all. In some label-less tan-ish, hearther-y yarn that might or might not be from Green Mountain Spinnery, which came home with me from SnB.

4. Another red scarf for the Red Scarf Project . I made a malabrigo waffles scarf already, not from malabrigo, but I have some red malabrigo, and wouldn't it be nice to make another that lived up to its name? Except that the malabrigo might want to be a hat instead. Or possibly stripes with the might-be-Green-Mountain-Spinnery yarn.

5. Any sock that is not darknavypurplenearlyblack. (Yes, that's a real color.) Pair 24 is darknavypurplenearlyblack, which is somehow darker that actual black, and while it's incredibly beautiful, it is driving me crazy because it's hard to see (and "read") the stitches, so I keep having to stop to make sure I'm in the right place. The good news is that I'm about halfway through the leg on sock #2 (they're cuff-down, so that leaves the heel and foot left to knit). Any leftovers will be knit in stockinette, so there.

6. Brown cardigan that I've been designing in my head.

7. Baby sweater in Schaefer's new sock yarn. Gorgeous indigo-y blue that is nothing like darknavypurplenearlyblack, so I will be able to see what's going on.

8. Garter stitch wrap/scarf I blithered about when I finished the seamless hybrid--solid and handpainted yarn together for most of it, loose, deep ruffles out of just the handpainted to finish off.

9. Nearly every mitten/mitt/hat/glove I've ever seen a pattern for.

10. Top-down raglan or yoked sweater from multicolored pink/purple/grey merino (for the top of the yoke) and the silvery-grey yarn from Sarah and c=Coco that I showed on Wednesday (possibly Sarah and Coco are Corriedale sheep? Much check labels!).

I haven't actually cast on for any of these yet (even through I currently have 2 projects going, rather than my usual 3... maybe that's the problem?). But do you think this is the beginning of the end of knitting a pair of socks a week? 24 socks out of 52 is mile 12 of a marathon--just about the spot I start to think that the half marathon is really the perfect distance--long enough that I feel like I really ran somewhere, not so long as to become uncivilized.

Although on the other hand, I have been knitting other things at the same time as knitting the socks, so maybe there's hope, if I just cast on for the (apparently necessary for knitting balance) third thing?


Sunflowerfairy said...

I'm having startitis too. It stinks.

There's about 10 sweaters, 7 lace shawls and 15 hats that I MUST HAVE NOW!


I'll start the Montana when you do. We'll race (you'll win.)

Elizabeth said...

Three is a good number of things. The dangerous time is when I'm trying to choose the third.

Pick a quick project so you can pick another one soon!

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Same here. Except I think you should cast on to the Montana Tunic first.

Baby Beth said...

ooh! Are we voting? I say Montana Tunic. I keep looking at blankets to crochet...even though I'm already working on one and have a super secret woolen project I'm working on as well.

Anna said...

For me, startitis shows up in intervals. I'll have weeks where I want to knit everything and other weeks where I just stare at my knitting, not really knowing what to do...

I'm in awe for you trying the sock-thing. I've knit a couple of socks but I haven't been bitten by the sock-bug yet...