Monday, November 9, 2009


1. It turns out that I don't hate working narrow borders as much as I thought I did. I made the Veyla mitts (pix once I find some buttons), and am now working on the Scroll Lace Scarf. I thought making the lacy borders would nearly kill me, but it's kinda fun. Maybe I would live through a shawl with miles of narrow border after all.

2. Or maybe I just think they're ok right now, because they feel fast in comparison to my other project--the aptly named Endless Shawl Cardi? Since I started it on November 1, I'm seeing if I can finish it as a NaKniSweMo project (that's National Knit a Sweater Month). I calculated how many rows and stitches are in the whole thing, and how many I have to work each day, so keeping ahead of that number is keeping me amused for the moment... but goodness, those rows are long! (More than 360 stitches for my size.)

2b. 51%, as of last night.

3. I went to the opening of a new LYS (Knit New Haven) the other weekend, and then back today for actual shopping. I meant to buy black superwash for a kid's hat, but instead bought... sock yarn! What a shocker! But they didn't have any black superwash, and the owner was really nice. Plus, there's a rumor that they'd like one of the SnB groups to knit there.

4. My sock drawer/collection of handknit socks seemed a little excessive a couple of moths ago, but now that it's cool again, and now that I'm wearing knee-high boots to work most days (tall boots can hide all manner of wacky socks), they seem more reasonable.

5. I don't think I mentioned, amid the debacle of the posts which must not be named, that I made that dress I was obsessed with. I wore it to spinning yesterday. The spinners liked it, and no one thought I'd crossed the line between arty quirkiness and deranged swathing of self in wool (it's possible they're biased, but let's pretend they're not--the dress is quite comfortable and cozy!)


BabyBeth said...

Is the dress in your Ravelry queue? Maybe you can get some pictures of it when you photo Veyla...?

Peaceful Knitter said...

Yes, photos please!

cafeeclectic said...

i can't wait to see the dress!!!!

Sunflowerfairy said...

It's gorgeous!! Man, I wish I were taller...