Monday, November 16, 2009

Finally, a Picture!

I was determined to take a picture of my dress on Saturday, even though it was rainy:

Little did I know how gorgeous it was going to be on Sunday, or I would have waited!

(Not shown: the pictures where I made faces because I was getting rained on, the ones where I was visibly shivering, or my hair, which objects to drizzle).

Anyway--this is the drop stitch dress, from Classic Elite's Winter Whimsy booklet. I basically followed the pattern, except that I lengthened the skirt (it's knit from the hem up, so I worried about running out of yarn, but I had enough left over to make most of a hat), and worked a few rows of stockinette around the neck, since the shoulders were very narrow as written (naturally, my shoulders are not at fault here!).

It's cozy and comfortable, but the back neckline is the same as the front--very pretty and ballerina-y, but the back of my neck tends to feel chilly, so I wear it with a shawl.

There's the smallest chance I'll have another picture tomorrow--I finished the Endless Whatchamacallit, and am planning to wear it to work.


thea said...

I love it! enjoy :)

CinderOla said...

It's beautiful!