Monday, November 2, 2009


Well, I almost had enough:

The thumb on the right hand isn't the same yarn as the rest--it's another handspun, made of roving from the same dyer, but a completely different color--in the skein, at least. Here, I think it blends in well enough. (My right hand is on the right here--I used my computer's built-in camera.)

I'm hoping that this is the end of my running out of yarn trend. It's definitely been going on long enough: I tried to knit a pair of socks from half a skein of yarn a few weeks ago (the first half having been enough for a pair), and had to make the foot a little shorter than I'd planned because I ran out of yarn. It turned out fine--I gave them to Jenn.

Then I knit a Lacy Baktus scarf, and even though I weighed my yarn and started decreasing when I'd used half of it... the end is a darker purple than the rest, because I ran out of yarn.

When I knit the Baby Surprise Jacket for Sunflowerfairy (it's the yellow one), I ran out of yarn (handspun) with about 10 sts left on the cast off. I ripped out the previous 10 sts of the cast off, un-plied the yarn, un-plied a coordinating yarn, then bound off with 1 ply of the handspun together with 1 ply of the coordinating yarn. Fortunately, it's on the button side, so it's hidden.

When I made the second BSJ, I'd caught on to the trend, so I added the purple stripes just to be safe--and finished with just a few yards of both yarns. Phew!

Surely that's enough for one knitter? (I may be forgetting a few incidents... it's just too disheartening... especially since I'm usually so good at estimating.)

I hope so, because I've started an Endless Cardi Shawl, and I'll be awfully cranky if I need to do something unexpectedly creative to finish it off!

On the bright side, at least I have a ways to go before I need to start worrying:

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