Monday, May 11, 2009

Still Dripping

Kevin and I trekked to Central Park on Saturday for a couples relay--I ran 2 miles (actually 2.3, just so you know), he biked 10 miles, then we rowed around the pond at the boathouse. It's sponsored by the NYC triathlon club, so there were some very fit teams--also some very fit cyclists paired with cranky, unhappy runners, when triathletes teamed up with their regular-person significant others.

Here's the moment before the race when I realize that this whole running idea was a big mistake:

(Kevin likes to take pictures at that moment because at least when I'm smiling for the camera I'm not complaining.)

We'd hoped my rowing would help in the rowboat portion, but sadly, shells and rowboats are very different. There's the shape, obviously, but the main problem is the fixed seat. Next time someone suggests that rowing takes a lot of upper body strength, I'm going to laugh: take out the legs, and it's like you're not even moving.

So I made this face most of the time:

Except when I made this face:

(I hope we're turning here--otherwise, every steering problem I had at sculling camp last summer is suddenly explained--I should be more symmetrical!)

I had this friend in college who claimed she'd never left the house without blow drying her hair (she said it spring semester of her first year, when she'd still never gone out with a wet head!). I think of her every time I arrive at work with my hair still damp (that is, nearly every day). And it's going to be worse than usual this week! Because I'm covering for my supervisor (who's on vacation), I have to work at work every single day this week... but since I have practice and refuse to pay for parking near campus, I get home from practice, leap out of the car, sprint (OK, jog as fast as I can) to the gym, shower there, get dressed, and speed walk to the library. There's barely enough time for my hair to stop dripping!

Clinton and Stacy would not approve.

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Nope, Stacy and Clinton will totally disapprove actually! They may even say nasty things!

Man that race of yours is crazy! I'll have to hear about it when I see you next.